Market Demands

Graphite Demands:

      1. Presently, the low-end market mainly consists of refractories, foundries and carbon additives.It accounts for 50% or so of graphite consumption.

      2. High-end market is mainly new energy vehicles, electronic, information and nuclear industry, making up about 50% of graphite consumption.

Anode Materials:      

According to the statistics of RealLi Research, global demand for anode materials in 2016 was 172,500 tons, the trend of growth accelerates thereafter, the demand is expected to rise to 382,500 tons by 2020.

From RealLi Research report, market demand for anode materials in China was79,500 tons in 2016 and since then the trend of demand was rising year by year, the demand is expected to 229,500 tons by 2020.