Matrass C-Graphene Industry Group Limited(hereinafter referred to as “Matrass C-Graphene” or “the Group”)owns the world-class super large crystalline graphite mine-Dawudian Graphite Mine. Relying on rich graphite, tailings and surrounding rock resources, the Group is devoted to developing and producing advanced carbon materials (including anode materials, ultrapure graphite, nano-graphite, graphene, etc.) and new green building materials (foamed ceramics and light microcrystalline stone), and expanding the downstream market of high-end carbon materials, prefabricated building materials and high-end quartz materials.

Dawudian Graphite Mine, located in Urad Zhongqi, Baynnur city, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region , is the world’s largest scale crystalline graphite deposite which is for now one of the largest measured single body in the world.At present it contains 406 Mt of mineral resources and 17.7558Mt of contained graphite (China Exploration Code),while 680Mt of mineral resources and 25.86Mt of contained graphite (JORC Code 2012). And the ore resource of quartz in surrounding rock is 2 billion tons. Furthermore, it was listed as one of the ten essential mineral deposits by Ministry of Land and Resources in 2017. The Project of Dawudian Graphite Mine was also on the list of priorities in Inner Mongolia in 2018.

On the basis of “one mine with three resources” the Group determined “resources as foundations, industry as core, policy as direction, technology as engine, capital as brace” in the way of development, on the concepts of “resources conservation, environment-friendly, scientific and technological innovation, social harmony and sustainable development”, adhering to the principle of “five stabilities in the industry”, follows the line of “two industries”, according to the requirements of “production of scale, industrial cluster, garden corporation”, the Group is planning the comprehensive industrial complex of advanced carbon materials and new building materials.

The group implements a one-stop operation mode of "mining, production and marketing" with the allocation of enterprise resources and production cost optimization to consolidate the profit base by mining and mineral processing, to build multiple profits with graphite deep-processed products, to make comprehensive use of tailings products and surrounding rock to improve profit margin..

Taking advantage of the composition of Dawudian graphite tailings similar to that of ceramic raw materials, the group has developed a new generation of green building materials - foamed ceramic plate and microcrystalline stone. In terms of technical testing results from state bureau, the foamed ceramic plate and microcrystalline stone have the good performances including A1-class fire resistance, anti-seepage, non-cracking, non-pulverizing, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-aging, durability, weather resistance (strong climate suitability), light weight and convenient construction, etc.

The Group management team has rich experience in mineral development and the research staff with innovation ability helped to obtain patents for the Group. The working experience of the core team covers geology, mining, design, carbon material processing, material application, engineering management, project management, technology management, technology research and development, finance and other fronts.

On the enterprise mission of "looking at the world and repaying the motherland", adhering to the development concept of "building a first-class and century enterprise ", Matrass people will stay true to the mission and forge ahead to compose a new chapter of the era for Matrass strivers!