Matrass C-Graphene Science-Technology Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Matrass C-Graphene”) is an industrial entity engaging in exploration and development of mineral resources, down-stream processing, fabrication and application of graphene, and R&D of high technology related to graphite industry. Matrass C-Graphene owns years of experience related to global resource development, an excellent management team and professional technical team qualified in geology, mining and beneficiation, down-stream processing, material application, finance, etc.

Matrass C-Graphene owns the world-class super large crystalline graphite mine-Dawudian Graphite Mine located in Urat Middle Banner of Inner Mongolia, which is the largest single body graphite mine in China at present with 17.7558million tons of mineral reserves and listed as one of the top ten mineral deposits by Ministry of Land and Resources.

With the advantages of Dawudian Graphite Mine, Matrass C-Graphene has planned to build Dawudian Graphite Industry Cluster which is highly valued by government leaders of Inner Mongolia and listed as the major project of Bayannur, a western city in Inner Mongolia.