Three R&D Institutes


▶ In order to achieve "one mine, two resources". Three R&D institutes serve as a platform for implementing the “technology first” plan. The Group attaches importance to the research and development of mining technology for graphite resources, graphite deep processing products technology, new material technology for comprehensive utilization of tailings, to adopt new technology around the world into Dawudian project, the Group will set up three R&D institutes as below: The group has three R&D institutes.

▶ independent R&D team and the industry experts and consultants are jointly researching technology;

▶ long-term technological cooperation with relevant universities, laboratories and social research institutions, for example: developing graphite purification process and equipment to 99.9% purity together with Carbon Material Research Institute of Central South University; cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology in the research and development of silicon-carbon anode materials; cooperation with the Tailings Utilization Technology Center of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences to produce foamed ceramic plates for the comprehensive utilization of tailings.