Group Culture

The Group Culture serves as the spirit of the Group which will steadily improve the management.

1. “Wolf Nature” Culture and Implementation Capacity

“Wolf Nature” and Implementation Capacity bring vitality and ensure the development of the Group.

The Group stresses “Wolf Culture” and Implementation Capacity on the 3 business sectors including resource exploitation, carbon material deep processing and tailings comprehensive utilization.

Emphasizing the "Wolf Nature" culture is to foster perseverance and staying true to the mission; to stresses solidarity and sense of sharing in the work; to promote the spirit of competing for the first place in the business sector of production and market development!

Implementation Capacity means firm and unshakable following the general strategy by entire staff after it was formulated.

 2. Striver-oriented

The Group adheres to the principle of "striver-oriented" and encourages employees to become "striving employees" to contribute themselves to the Group development.

The Group creates a clear channel for each "striving employee" to promote their positions by entire professional training, new recruits’ internship, on-the-job training, appropriate rotation and other means.

The Group always insists on granting opportunities of promotion to those who serve the company consistently! The Group gives preferential benefits to every diligent and dedicated employee on a proper scale.


3. Slogans of the Culture

     Teamwork, Implementation, Efficiency!

    Honesty, Responsibility , Win-win!