Dawudian Graphite Mine

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Located in Urat Middle Banner of Inner Mongolia, Dawudian Graphite Mine Project is defined as a major project in the “No.13 announcement of setting up the third integrated exploitation area” released by Ministry of Land and Resources in 2013. With 5 years efforts, Matrass C-Graphene has proved the mineral reserves in Dawudian are up to 17.7558 million tons at the present stage, and the mine is the largest crystalline graphite mine in China which is listed as one of the top ten mineral deposits by Ministry of Land and Resources.

With special minerogenetic condition, Dawudian Graphite Mine has the unmatched natural advantages compared with other domestic crystalline graphite mine. In the project, tailings can be used as raw materials of purple-clay and ceramic high-end building materials, and the elements of tailings can rival purple clay of YiXing, a southern city in Jiangsu Province; wall rocks can be used as high quality stone raw materials as the rocks are quartzite and silicon dioxide is up to 98%.

In conclusion, Dawudian Graphite Mine Project has the strength of “one mine & three resources” which lays the resource foundation for Matrass C-Graphene to create world-class industry cluster.